Malawi Blast: Joe Biden or Donald Trump? USA Decides!

Joe Biden or Donald Trump? USA Decides!

Posted by Peter M. Allan on 03 Nov 2020, 19:38:20 in World News

Americans are today casting their votes in a general election which saws Joe Biden challenging the incumbent president Donald Trump.

This election has been waited for so long by many people and has been a hot topic in media since the last 2016 election which saw ‘attack dog’ and ‘outsider’ of the country’s politics Donald Trump, ascending to power of presidency.

The fresh election is a referendum on continuation of Donald Trump presidency over untested presidency of Joe Biden.

Before corona virus pandemic hit the world, Donald Trump was praised how his policies were boosting country’s economy but corona-virus would later change that.

Donald Trump past term has been characterized as incompetent especially how him personally and his administration handled the corona virus in the country. Hundreds of thousands of people died globally and America shares staggering number in that figure and the counting continues.

Donald Trump throughout his term has been arrogant and unapologetic on many important issues on the both the country and global level making himself brand of unique politician.

Donald Trump has been highly criticized how he handled issues of racial justice and police brutality in the country.

On other hand, Joe Biden who is a former vice president in the administration of the first African-American and black president Barrack Obama, has enjoyed the support of the latter. He has cast himself as a total opposite candidate to Donald Trump celebrity approach kind of the president.

As Malawians and rest of the world are closely watching the election, it is up to the Americans to decide which candidate should govern their county between Joe Biden vs Donald Trump.

Let the good candidate wins.

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