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Creative Solutions for the Environment (CSE) under the project named “A Girl and a Bike” a project that aims at enabling underprivileged girls to access quality education has provided 30 bicycles to girls at Matope Day Secondary school to ease their mobility when going to school.

Speaking after presenting the donation creative solutions executive director, Taona Makunje Chigwenembe, says due to inadequate secondary schools in Balaka and Neno districts, some girls are selected to schools that are 60 or more kilometres away hence the donation.

“We thought of coming up with this donation because of one girl, Stiveria Vincent a form 3 girl who comes from Kanon village here in Neno. She covers a distance of 43 kilometres when going and coming to school, she leaves at home as early as 5 am just to make it to class at 88 am Due to walking in the heat for long distances, she developed sores on both her feet and these being recurring and untreated developed into further health problems for her.

Before we met her she had started coming to school thrice or twice a week because she had difficulties when walking but now the story is different after we gave her a bicycle, she is able to come to school and has not missed a day,” said Chigwenembe.,

In her remarks one of the beneficiaries, Alesi Bingolosi, expressed delight and said the bicycles will help them to be arriving at the school in good time and minimise cha enges that put their lives at risk due to various threats and challenges they meet along the way.

Said Alesi: “I am so happy that I have received a bicycle, that will help me to travel fast to school, the bicycle will enable me to attend the six o’clock class which I have been missing, m and again being a girl I was facing a lot of problems when coming to school on the way including harassment from boys."

With funding from the new community they project from the USA, CSE has also made similar donations to Dzanja la Mwimba Primary,Christian Lieberg Secondary School, Utale Secondary and Njerenje in the districts of Neno, Balaka and Blantyre.

Statistics indicate that most vulnerable girls in rural areas of Balaka, Neno and Malawi experience multifaceted challenges in their attempt to access education.

Many girls drop out of school due to early marriages, long distances to school, lack of basic school facilities and lack of financial support among other things.

About 46 percent of girls in Malawi are married before they turn 18.

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